A Hollywood Legend since 1942. Boardner's and the b52 club. Enter

Our incredible Boardner's Staff, some decades long, are so grateful to have shared so many wonderful moments with our regulars, Hollywood Visitors and locals over the 75yrs Boardner's has been in business. From Prohibition, WWII, Vietnam war, oil crisis of the 70's, 08 recession... we hope to make it through COVID19 too! Our history is long and so wildly rich of decades past from the roaring Art Deco Bathtub Gin Era to Madman Martini days, Rock n' Roll Jack Daniels & Coke to Bridge & Tunnel Lemon Drops and Gothic Lovers Absinthe Elixirs. Boardners has endured and indulged as place of salacious indulgence, romance and debauchery. For over 75yrs Boardner's has always been Hollywood's neighborhood bar, bringing friends, family, colleagues, tourists and strangers together as one big family by 2am!

With the uncertainty of our opening and what that will look like with 6' distancing and masked faces, Boardner's needs help to assure we can bring back our incredible staff and continue to provide the great service, beverage, food and experience you have all come to know at this Hollywood Institution. Boardner's is in crisis, with such lack of help from our government and leaders nation wide. In times like these, it has always been the people who have always ended up saving each other and holding each other up.

In an effort to support the Governor's request, Boardners will be temporarily closing to help slow the spread of Covid-19.
We wish everyone a safe and fun Fourth of July I'm looking forward to the day this is all over! We agree that keeping people safe is of utmost importance so that we can all see each other on the other side . But sadly, this has severely impacted the lives or our staff, all of whom we consider family and the survival of Boardner's a Hollywood Staple.

We employ dozens of staff, contractors, vendors whom have all lost their jobs, we remain committed to re-opening Boardner's of Hollywood. During the interim, please consider donating anything you can to help us bear the financial burdens upon us throughout the closure and ensuring our staff's return to work when the time comes!